Wireless M-Bus Transceiver 

  • Wireless M-Bus transmitter/receiver
  • T1, T2, R1, R2, S1, S1-m, S2 Modes
  • Extremely fast and simple implementation
  • USB port
  • Range up to 200m
  • Small size

  • Beschreibung

    The Wireless M-Bus USB dongle from Adeunis RF is a ready-to-use device which allows to send and receive radio frames using the Wireless M-Bus protocol.

    The implementation of the receiver is immediate («plug & play» system).

    This dongle is power supplied by the device to which it is connected and allows the collection of the data transmitted in T1, T2, R1, R2, S1, S1-m or S2 mode.

    Its 868MHz integrated antenna contributes to its extremely small footprint, while maximizing performance.

    Our Wireless M-Bus solution provides a full compatibility with EN 13757-4: 2005 standard.

    The combination of products in the Adeunis RF AMR range allows you to create an independent ecosystem to ensure the emission, transport and col-lection of consumption indexes using Wireless M-Bus protocol.

  • Technische Daten


    Range up to 200m
    Power 25mW
    RF radiated power 14dBm
    Sensitivity -117dBm
    Frequencies 868-870MHz
    RF data rate de 4.8/32.768/100 kbps
    Channels 12


    Com port USB
    Serial data rate 115.2kbps


    Embedded protocol Wireless M-Bus certified + applicative layer
    W-Mbus modes R1, R2 / S1, S1-m, S2 / T1, T2

    Consumption & needs

    Power supply 5V/USB

    General Information

    Operating temperature -20°C to +70°C
    Dimension 80 x 20 x 14 mm
    Body case USB dongle
    Standards EN 300-220, EN 301-489, EN60950, EN 13757-4:2005
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    Artikelnummer Beschreibung
    ARF8020 Dongle USB WMBus AMR
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