PCMCIA Memory Cards

PCMCIA is a standard format for computer cards with 68-Pin, and the predecessor of ExpressCards. Until recently, laptops still had one or two PCMCIA-interface, and in industrial systems are PCMCIA still widespread. PCMCIA-cards are used as mobile memory cards.  

There are 3 sorts of PCMCIA cards:

  • PCMCIA ATA Flash cards
  • PCMCIA SRAM cards
  • PCMCIA Linear Flash cards


There are 2 types of PCMCIA cards, and they only differ in thickness. Width and height are standard 85.6 mm x 54.0 mm. Most of PCMCIA slots are for Typ I (3.3 mm thickness) and Typ II (5mm thickness)


There are mainly 2 forms of Datenbus: 

  • 8- or. 16-Bit cards
  • 32-Bit cards (also known as CardBus)

Those two PCMCIA Standards are fully compatible. 

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