Industrial microSD 

Industrial microSD from ATP Electronics

  • SLC, MLC, pSLC, TLC NAND Flash
  • Long-term availability, fixed Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Waterproof / Dustproof as per IP57/IP67 (IEC 60529)
  • 100% Massproduction Level test
  • SD Life Monitor (optional)
  • AutoRefresh
  • Secure Erase
  • Advanced Wear Leveling
  • PowerProtector
  • RoHS conform, CE/FCC certification
  • Description

    The Industrial Grade microSD cards contain high quality NAND Flash and Controllers with integrated ECC and Wear-Leveling Algorithm. This allows you to use them long term and fail-safe. The SIP production process encases the cards completely and protects them against water, dust, choc and vibrations. Every single produced Industrial Grade microSD card is submitted to the Burn-In Test.

    System-In-Package (SiP)

    Thanks to the the SiP production process, all the industrial grade microSD cards from ATP Electronics are completely encased and all the components protected. The cards are waterproof, dustproof, and also resistant to shock and electrostatic discharge.

    Long-term availability

    The Industrial Grade microSD cards have a fixed BOM (Bill Of Material). The individual components of the cards are always the same to guarantee the compability from one delivery to the next. Any changes on the product with be told 3 to 6 months in advance, so the user gets enough time to secure stock or evaluate the new product. Basically, industrial grade memory cards are in this short-lived market much longer available than consumer products.


    The PowerProtector prevents you from any data-loss or writing-mistakes who could appear during a power failure. This standalone solution holds enough power to compensate any voltage variations, makes it independent from Controller and Firmware, and is also insensitive to temperature fluctuations.

    NAND Flash: SLC / MLC / pSLC

    SLC (Single Level Cell) and MLC (Multi Level Cell) are both NAND-based memory technologies. They refer to the structure of Flash memory cells and how many bits each cell can store. SLC NAND stores one bit per cell while MLC NAND stores two bits per cell. The SLC NAND Flash is therefore more reliable: higher durability (number of read and write cycles), faster, power saving.

    MLC (Multi Level Cell) NAND Flash has a lower manufacturing cost versus SLC NAND. It stores more than 1 bit in one cell, which makes it very attractive (higher density for less money). Its durability and reliability are not as high as for SLC. MLC-based products are recommended for price-sensitive industrial projects.

    pSLC is an exclusive firmware solution. The firmware grants to pSLC cards and modules the technical benefits of the SLC at a better price. Endurance, performance and data retention are significantly improved vs MLC.

  • Technical Data

    Capacity 512MB - 8GB 4GB - 64GB 8GB - 64GB 32GB - 256GB
    Sequential read 82MB/s 96MB/s 96MB/s 100MB/s
    Sequential write 39MB/s 85MB/s 81MB/s 77MB/s
    Operating temperature -40°C +85°C -40/-25°C +85°C -40/-25°C +85°C -25°C +85°C
    TBW (Max.) 192TB 512TB 153TB 35TB
    MTBF @ 25 °C (Max.) 5,000,000 hrs 3,000,000 hrs 2,000,000 hrs 1,000,000 hrs
    Number of slots (Min.) 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000
    Dimensions (mm) 15 x 11 x 1 15 x 11 x 1 15 x 11 x 1 15 x 11 x 1
  • Product number

    MicroSD SLC i-Temp -40°C +85°C

    Reference Capacity Description
    AF512UDI-5AFXM 512MB MicroSD card SLC i-Temp -40°C +85°C
    AF1GUDI-ZAEXM, -5AFXM, -5AGXM 1GB MicroSD card SLC i-Temp -40°C +85°C
    AF2GUDI-ZAFXM, -5AGXM 2GB MicroSD card SLC i-Temp -40°C +85°C
    AF4GUDI-WACXM 4GB MicroSD card SLC i-Temp -40°C +85°C
    AF8GUDI-WACXM 8GB MicroSD card SLC i-Temp -40°C +85°C

    MicroSD pSLC i-Temp -40°C +85°C

    Reference Capacity Description
    AF4GUD3A-WAAIX, AF4GUD3A-WABIM 4GB MicroSD card pSLC i-Temp -40°C +85°C
    AF8GUD3A-WAAIX, AF8GUD3A-WABIM 8GB MicroSD card pSLC i-Temp -40°C +85°C
    AF8GUD4A-BBAIM, AF8GUD4A-BBBIM 8GB MicroSD card pSLC i-Temp -40°C +85°C **New**
    AF16GUD3A-WAAIX, AF16GUD3A-WABIM 16GB MicroSD card pSLC i-Temp -40°C +85°C
    AF16GUD4A-BBAIM, AF16GUD4A-BBBIM 16GB MicroSD card pSLC i-Temp -40°C +85°C **New**
    AF32GUD4A-BBAIM 32GB MicroSD card pSLC i-Temp -40°C +85°C
    AF64GUD4A-BBAIM 64GB MicroSD card pSLC i-Temp -40°C +85°C **New**

    MicroSD pSLC e-Temp -25°C +85°C

    Reference Capacity Description
    AF4GUD3A-WAAXX, AF4GUD3A-WABXM 4GB MicroSD card pSLC e-Temp -25°C +85°C
    AF8GUD3A-WAAXX, AF8GUD3A-WABXM 8GB MicroSD card pSLC e-Temp -25°C +85°C
    AF8GUD4A-BBAXM, AF8GUD4A-BBBXM 8GB MicroSD card pSLC e-Temp -25°C +85°C **New**
    AF16GUD3A-WAAXX, AF16GUD3A-WABXM 16GB MicroSD card pSLC e-Temp -25°C +85°C
    AF16GUD4A-BBAXM, AF16GUD4A-BBBXM 16GB MicroSD card pSLC e-Temp -25°C +85°C **New**
    AF32GUD3A-WAAXM 32GB MicroSD card pSLC e-Temp -25°C +85°C
    AF32GUD4A-BBAXM, AF32GUD4A-BBBXM 32GB MicroSD card pSLC e-Temp -25°C +85°C **New**
    AF64GUD4A-BBAXM, AF64GUD4A-BBBXM 64GB MicroSD card pSLC e-Temp -25°C +85°C **New**

    MicroSD MLC i-Temp -40°C +85°C

    Reference Capacity Description
    AF8GUD3-WAAIX, AF8GUD3-WABIM 8GB MicroSD card MLC i-Temp -40°C +85°C
    AF16GUD3-WAAIX, AF16GUD3-WABIM 16GB MicroSD card MLC i-Temp -40°C +85°C
    AF32GUD3-WAAIX, AF32GUD3-WABIM 32GB MicroSD card MLC i-Temp -40°C +85°C

    MicroSD MLC e-Temp -25°C +85°C

    Reference Capacity Description
    AF8GUD3-WAAXX, AF8GUD3-WABXM 8GB MicroSD card MLC e-Temp -25°C +85°C
    AF16GUD3-WAAXX, AF16GUD3-WABXM 16GB MicroSD card MLC e-Temp -25°C +85°C
    AF32GUD3-WAAXX, AF32GUD3-WABXM 32GB MicroSD card MLC e-Temp -25°C +85°C
    AF64GUD3-WAAXM 64GB MicroSD card MLC e-Temp -25°C +85°C

    MicroSD TLC i-Temp -40°C +85°C

    Reference Capacity Description
    AF32GUD4-BBBIM 32GB MicroSD card TLC i-Temp -40°C +85°C
    AF64GUD4-BBBIM 64GB MicroSD card TLC i-Temp -40°C +85°C
    AF128GUD4-BBBIM 128GB MicroSD card TLC i-Temp -40°C +85°C

    MicroSD TLC e-Temp -25°C +85°C

    Reference Capacity Description
    AF32GUD4-BBBXM, AF32GUD4-6BAXM 32GB MicroSD card TLC e-Temp -25°C +85°C
    AF64GUD4-BBBXM, AF64GUD4-6BAXM 64GB MicroSD card TLC e-Temp -25°C +85°C
    AF128GUD4-BBBXM, AF128GUD4-6BAXM 128GB MicroSD card TLC e-Temp -25°C +85°C
    AF256GUD4-BBAXM 128GB MicroSD card TLC e-Temp -25°C +85°C
  • Old reference

    MicroSD SLC i-Temp -40°C +85°C

    EOL reference Capacity Description New reference
    AF128UDI-2ABXX, -2AAXX 128MB MicroSD card SLC --
    AF256UDI-2ABXX 256MB MicroSD card SLC --
    AF512UDI-ZADXM, -5ACXX, -2ABXX 512MB MicroSD card SLC AF512UDI-5AFXM

    MicroSD MLC e-Temp -25°C +85°C

    EOL reference Capacity Description New reference
    AF128GUD3-WAAXM 128GB MicroSD card MLC --
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