• Industrial Grade memory cards

    • SD & Micro-SD, CF, CFast
    • USB sticks
    • SSD: 2.5'' SATA, 1.8'' SATA, 2.5''PATA/IDE
    • Embedded Module: M.2, Slim SATA, eUSB,...
    • Industrial RAM
    • PCMCIA

Industrial Flash Memory

Industrial Flash cards are memory chips which imposed themselves in the industry because they are very robust and energy-saving. You find them in digital cameras, mobile phones and gaming consoles under the form of memory cards and in IT systems under the form of Embedded Flash modules or SSD.

NAND Flash: SLC vs. MLC vs. aMLC

SLC (Single Level Cell) and MLC (Multi Level Cell) are both NAND-based memory technologies. They refer to the structure of Flash memory cells and how many bits each cell can store. SLC NAND stores one bit per cell while MLC NAND stores two bits per cell. The SLC NAND Flash is therefore more reliable: higher durability (number of read and write cycles), faster, power-saving. All ATP SLC-based products can endure extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C. SLC NAND is highly recommended for applications requiring high reliability and increased endurance.

MLC (Multi Level Cell) NAND Flash has a lower manufacturing cost versus SLC NAND. It stores more than 1 bit in one cell, which makes it very attractive (higher density for less money). Its durability and reliability are not as high as for SLC. MLC-based products are recommended price-sensitive industrial applications. Most cards and modules are available in 3 operating temperature ranges: industrial temperature (i-Temp) -40°C +85°, extended temperature (e-Temp) -25°C +85°C, commercial temperature (c-Temp) 0°C +70°C.

aMLC stands for advanced Multi Level Cell and is an exclusive firmware solution. The firmware grants to aMLC cards and modules the technical benefits of the SLC at a better price. Endurance, performance and data retention are significantly improved vs MLC. aMLC cards and modules are available in 2 operating ranges: industrial temperature (i-Temp): -40°C +85°C and extended temperature (e-Temp): -25°C +85°C.

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