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19" rackmount server

Our industrial rackmount server are designed for continuous running. They are extremely reliable and safe-proof, and can be equipped very flexibly. We offer all kind of expansions, like serial interfaces, GPIO, Fieldbus, ober PCI / PCI Express.
Our Server have very high RAM and Memory capacities. Redundant virtual RAID drives offer a high lever of data safety when hard disk drive failures occure. The processing of huge data volume can be handled with the use of modern RAM-module with very high capacity, and with fast processors.

1U to 5U server: Our server are extremely fast and have low power consumption. They are adapter for cloud and enterprise application, and are easily expandable.
Tower server: High performance tower server for continuous running, efficient and reliable.
UPS: Our server with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) enable a reliable power supply by electrically crucial applications. Your IT-system is protected against power failure, under-/overvoltage, frequency changers and harmonic oscillations.
NAS Server: Very fast 19“ rackmount server with network connected memory and low power consumption.

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