Industrial Flash Cards

Industrial Flash Cards are memory cards that are suitable for Industrial applications. Unlike the consumer-grade ones, industrial-grade memory cards contains SLC NAND Flash, which makes them faster, more reliable, power-saving and long-lasting. Besides this, industrial memory cards also have the following advantages:

  • Long term availability: those products stay longer on the market, advance notification of production cancellations
  • Fixed Bill Of Material: the components of the memory cards are fixed, the user gets with the article number, always exactly the same product
  • Customer adaptation: the memory cards can be adapted, the customer gets then his own article number for his specific model

SSD Memory Cards

In many industrial uses, the capacity of the cards is less relevant than their reliability. Industrial grade memory cards can be used as SSD with the appropriate adapter. Such a solution with the industrial grade Micro SD allows up to 8GB on just 1,6 cm²!

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