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Industrial Flash Memory

Industrial Flash cards are memory chips which imposed themselves in the industry because they are very robust and energy-saving. You find them in digital cameras, mobile phones and gaming consoles under the form of memory cards and in IT systems under the form of Embedded Flash modules or SSD.

Advantage of Flash Memory

Flash memory uses less energy than mechanical disc-drives and are much smaller. Since they contain no mobile parts, they are much more silent and robust against vibrations and shocks. And you don't need to defragment Flash memory cards.


SLC (Single-Level Cell) and MLC (Multi-Level Cell) are both Flash Memories. The SLC Technology saves one Bit per cell, and the MLC Technology saves two Bits per cell. 
this is why SLC NAND Flash memory cards are

  • faster
  • more durable
  • energy saving
  • more reliable

than MLC NAND Flash memory cards. That's why Industrial Grade SLC NAND Flash are mostly used.

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